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Project Report


The 10th Anniversary Report (1999-2009)

This publication is a collection of activities by UNCRD, Kobe, including summaries of projects, field survey, publications, an activity list, and thoughts on the Hyogo Office of past and current Coordinators.

Complete File(English)(3.88MB)

Complete File(Japanese)(4.11MB)

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Urbanization and Community-Based Disaster Management(CBDM)

This publication is a summary of project reports from 2005-2007 on Urbanization and CBDM in Asian countries. In a concerted effort to operationalize the Hyogo Framework for Action, Hyogo UNCRD conducted researches in Asian countries aiming at sustainable CBDM. Selected countries are Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, and Turkey.

Complete File(Japanese)(1.03MB)

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Educational Materials for School Safety

In ensuring school children in seismic regions earthqualke resilient schools and the local communities the capacities to cope with earthquake disasters, this publication introduces educational guidelines and practices carried out in various countries by SESI projects.

Complete File(English)(2.9MB)

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School Retrofit for Earthquake Safety

This publication provides necessary concepts and know-hows to communities, local construction workers, and junior engineers on earthquake resistant construction, and introduces the experiences from school earthquake retrofitting during the School Earthquake Safety Initiative (SESI) projects.

Complete File(English)(7.7MB)

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Joint Research on the Assessment Methodology for Recovery Community Development Final Report

This publication is a collection of the study group seminar proceedings and interviews conducted with disaster recovery experts, accompanied with analysis and reference materials towards identifying an assessment methodology for recovery community development. The research was jointly implemented with the Asian Disaster Reduction Center (ADRC), Disaster Reduction and Human Renovation Institution (DRI), and the International Recovery Platform (IRP).

Complete File(English)(4.24MB)/ by Section

Complete File(Japanese)(6.86MB)

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Implementing the Hyogo Framework for Action through Gendered CBDM

This publication puts into context the Hyogo Trust Fund Gendered Community Based Disaster Management project activities in relation to the five Priorities of Actions set forth by the Hyogo Framework of Action.

Complete File(English)(1.76MB)

Complete File(Japanese)(2.44MB)

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Report on the 2008 Great Sichuan Earthquake

This field report by UNCRD and Citizens towards Overseas Disaster Emergencies (CODE) provides an insight of the needs and situations in the disaster area following the Wenchuan Earthquake and its progress and status towards sustainable recovery.

Complete File(English)(1.08MB)

Complete File(Japanese)(4.20MB)

Complete File(Chinese)(1.27MB)

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Reducing Vulnerability of School Children to Earthquakes

Realising importance of resilient schools, UNCRD Disaster Management Planning Hyogo Office initiated firstly School Earthquake Safety Initiatives (SESI) in 1999 under Hyogo-Kathmandu Friendship Scheme funds, and then 2005-2009 by appointing 4 target countries (cities): Fiji (Suva), India (Simla), Indonesia (Bandung), and Uzbekistan (Tashkent), to conduct pilot project, which could be disseminated in each sub-region of Asia Pacific. The publication is the outcome document of whole SESI activities in order to give blue prints to the readers for further use of SESI outcomes for DRR education/ School Retrofitting activities to gain resilience in the community.

Complete File(English)(5.3MB)

Complete File(Chinese)(3MB)

Complete File(Indonesian)(4.6MB)

Complete File(Russian)(13.9MB)

Complete File(Japanese)(3.2MB)

Complete File(Spanish)(2.8MB)


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Gender Perspectives in Community Based Disaster Management (CBDM)

This publication brings together the findings from the "Gender in Community Based Disaster Management (CBDM)" project, which is funded by the Hyogo Prefectural Government in Japan.

Complete File(English)(2.3MB)

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School Eathquake Safety Initiatives Reducing Vulnerability of School Children to Earthquakes
This publication is summary of some of the activities under the ongoing SESI project and includes introduction and back ground of the project along with country reports from the four project countries: Fiji, India, Indonesia and Uzbekistan.

Complete File(English)(5.4MB)

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Report on CBDM 2002-2004
The report about the research of the sustainable community based disaster management for making the strategic framework and guideline.

Complete File(Japanese)(6.6MB)/ by Section

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UNCRD Tapestry
The publication of defining the past and building the future of the community based disaster management

Complete File(English)(13.2MB)/ by Section

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UNCRD Digest
The abridged publication of describing the variety of activities that were deployed in the course of implementing the community based disaster management

Complete File(English & Japanese)(7.5MB)/ by Section

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Sustainability in Grass-Roots Initiatives Focus on Community Bases Disaster Management
The report about the sustainability in grass-roots initiatives focusing on community based disaster management

Complete File(English)(7.6MB)/ by Section

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Patanka New Life Plan
The report summarizing the purpose, the methods and the activities of the PNY (Patanka New Life Plan) project

Complete File(English)(2.8MB)/ by Section

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From Disaster to Community Development:
The Kobe Experience

Complete File(English)(5.17MB)/ by Section

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Report on CBDM 1999 - 2001
The report about the research of the survey about the community based disaster management planning.

Complete File(Japanese)(6.0MB)/ by Section

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The report summarizing the purpose, the methods and the activities of the GESI (Global Earthquake Safety Initiative) pilot project

Complete File(English)(4.4MB)/ by Section

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Wooden Architecture and Earthquakes in Istanbule
A Reconnaissance Report and Commentary on the performance of wooden structures in the Turkish earthquakes of 17 August and 12 November 1999

Complete File(English)(9.1MB)

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Disaster-Safe City Planning Rooted Culture and Climate
The report introducing the activities of UNCRD, the Turkish Earthquake Aid Committee projects.

Complete File(Japanese)(8.2MB)

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